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Curious cases of Pickme drivers

Pickme is a well known home grown brand. It revolutionized how we hail a tuk from home. There are plenty to read online on the change it has made. Here I’ll write about the different types of tuk drivers I have encountered once you make the booking via the app.

The ideal one

Does not call to check the location but trusts you and the app (and the GPS on the phone) and turns up at your pickup point and marks as arrived. Perfect.

Sir, location eka harida?

Calls to ask if the location is correct. Defeats the purpose but can’t blame them if in the past some users were not correctly setting their location and GPS is off on some devices.

Asks for the destination

Politely asks for the destination. You wouldn’t bother as long as he turns up regardless of where you want to go.

Politely declines

Though they aren’t supposed to do, politely asks us to cancel because they don’t want to take the hire.

Says he is far away

They ask for the destination and if it’s too short for them or for some other reason, they lie that they are far away, whereas we can see he is close by.

Lame excuses

This one person said he just got his tyre punctured after asking for my destination. I cancelled and rebooked, the same guy picked up the hire again but this time he cancelled himself.

Cancels without any reason

He does not call, does not ask for the destination but cancels a minute after accepting the hire.