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Where have all the patrol bikes gone? #sltraffic

During mid 2014, Sri Lankan policemen got 279 high powered bikes, reportedly costing Rs. 3 million each. Even before this there were patrol bikes. There would have been purchases after that too. But where are they to be seen now? Specially in Colombo?

Sri Lankan policemen stand next to their new motorcycles at a ceremony in Colombo, marking the official distribution of 279 high-powered units to traffic constables across the country

Source: ;Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP


In Colombo, we spot an occasional bike parked along the road and the cops waiting passively to catch wrongdoers, usually for running a red light and not stopping at a crossing. But given the number of vehicles on the roads in Colombo city, I expect to see more. In addition, I expect to see them ‘actively’ looking for wrong doers and making use of these bikes.

When you drive along and come across erratic drivers, you wonder how the passive cops are going to book them. If the bikes had been put to proper use, PATROLLING that is, more can be booked and some kind of order maintained.

But where are these bikes?