Money is yours but resources belong to the society

Yes, this will sound familiar – if you had read those posts quoting Ratan Tata (on Twitter) that had gone viral on social media. I searched though tweets of Ratan Tata ( and found nothing of that sorts, so I could not verify the source. The earliest reference I found was over 4 years old on Yahoo! Answers:

For all we know, this could be a hoax, but the message is worth it.

If you hadn’t thought of it before, I guess it’s time to start doing so. How many times have you served more than you need at a buffet? Of course it’s free and by serving less it’s not helping a starving kid in Somalia, but it is a waste. A buffet serving much more than what you can have is a crime IMO.

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Too much content in lunch packets or takeaways – the servings you cannot really control – may not be your fault, but I feel it is our duty to send the message to the food store that you do not need that much (unless you really do). Some stores actually serve only the quantity you need. What I feel is that lately, these stores pack a good quantity to justify their prices – in most cases, I find the quantity and the price too much. It’s unacceptable if that is the case. We should avoid such places as much as possible, get the message across and try to make a change (it rarely happens anyway). At a time when a pound of bread isn’t really a pound but less, why can’t the quantity of rice in a “bath” packet be reduced. Generally, most people do not finish their whole meal.

Not that any of this is going to help someone directly, but as a policy, we should reduce or eliminate waste – in all aspects and not limited to food.


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