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How To Become A Millionaire By Age 30

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I found this to be a good read. Most, if not all, points of the author reflect my personal views as well. I hope to write something similar soon in my own words. Meanwhile…

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Money is yours but resources belong to the society

Yes, this will sound familiar – if you had read those posts quoting Ratan Tata (on Twitter) that had gone viral on social media. I searched though tweets of Ratan Tata ( and found nothing of that sorts, so I could not verify the source. The earliest reference I found was over 4 years old on Yahoo! Answers:

For all we know, this could be a hoax, but the message is worth it.

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Traffic in Colombo and the traffic cops

Traffic congestion is a nightmare in Colombo and suburbs during peak hours. It seems to have increased over the past few weeks due to some reason. Traffic along Galle Road leading out of Colombo can be seen even close to 9pm on weekdays. One reason could be the reduction on fuel prices which has led people to put more vehicles on the roads, which they left at home earlier.

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Covering the Northern Province

It was that time of the year when we get a long weekend to go on a long trip. Long (3-4 day) trips are becoming the norm lately within my group of close friends. 1st week of February was the first such in the year and we decided to cover the Northern Province, which many may not have covered completely. We decided to stay a night in Mannar which was our first stop, and two nights in Jaffna. Although three days were not quite enough to cover the whole region, we did our best.

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Afford something vs. Need something

Ever wondered if you could afford that new hybrid? or that latest flagship smartphone? Have you asked whether you really need it? Are there any alternatives?

There are many angles to look at this topic depending on the position of every individual. Let’s talk general here.

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